Health, Safety and Sustainability

Safety comes first at VSTONE, and we’re committed to using sustainable, best-practice fabrication techniques that meet industry standards. The health and safety of our team has always been our top priority. Learn more about our health, safety and sustainability standards.


An open letter from our Director Steve Haw regarding Crystalline Silica

The Australian government recently ruled the importation and manufacture of engineered stone be banned from July 1st, 2024.

V Stone fully support the governments decision on this ban and agree with the positive health effects it will create going forward.

During the next 3 – 4 months engineered stone will be phased out, alternative products introduced and from July 1 these alternative products will take its place fully.

During this ‘phase out’ period the manufacture and installation of engineered stone can still take place. Engineered stone installed in homes previously and up to July 1 can remain safely installed with no harm to the end user.

The ministers have so far agreed that exceptions to the ban will be removal, repair, minor modification, and disposal of engineered stone installed prior to the prohibition period. The government are meeting again in March, and we anticipate more clarity around what the exceptions will be.

We aim to work closely with our customers to navigate them through this phasing out period to ensure the right decisions are made while choosing benchtop surfaces now, and in the future.

Steve Haw
Director, VSTONE

Kane Vereker
Director, VSTONE


At VSTONE, we are proud to be a business that sets the highest benchmark when it comes to safety. We utilise a range of techniques to ensure that our team are protected in the workplace. Some of our key safety measures include:

  • Utilising advanced high-tech machinery which offers improved safety
  • Regular air quality recording and monitoring and above industry standard air circulation
  • CNC water-based manufacturing (implemented well ahead of industry requirements)
  • Industry standard personal protective equipment and regular health checks for all staff


Beyond health and safety, we are also committed to operating a best-practice business to contribute to a sustainable future. Some of our sustainability initiatives include:

  • Using highly accurate precision machinery to avoid unnecessary waste when cutting stone
  • Installation of a water recycling plan that enables us to remove the slurry from our machining/cutting process and recycle it endlessly back through the manufacturing process (saving up to 600L/minute)

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