Created by fusing a range of minerals, Mineral Surface has ZERO SILICA and is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking a cost-effective yet flexible option for your benchtop. 



Mineral surfaces are coming soon. These products look and feel like engineered stone but without the harmful crystalline silica.

Over the next 3 – 4 months mineral surfaces will be introduced and from July 1, 2024, mineral surfaces will replace engineered stone completely.

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An open letter from our Director Steve Haw regarding Crystalline Silica

The Australian government recently ruled the importation and manufacture of engineered stone be banned from July 1st, 2024.

V Stone fully support the governments decision on this ban and agree with the positive health effects it will create going forward.

During the next 3 – 4 months engineered stone will be phased out, alternative products introduced and from July 1 these alternative products will take its place fully.

During this ‘phase out’ period the manufacture and installation of engineered stone can still take place. Engineered stone installed in homes previously and up to July 1 can remain safely installed with no harm to the end user.

The ministers have so far agreed that exceptions to the ban will be removal, repair, minor modification, and disposal of engineered stone installed prior to the prohibition period. The government are meeting again in March, and we anticipate more clarity around what the exceptions will be.

We aim to work closely with our customers to navigate them through this phasing out period to ensure the right decisions are made while choosing benchtop surfaces now, and in the future.

Steve Haw
Director, VSTONE

Quality products from trusted suppliers

We partner with trusted wholesalers who supply us with Mineral Surface for benchtops. It’s vital that our Mineral Surface comes from reputable brands that uphold the same high level of safety that we demand in our business.  

Mineral Surface comes in various sizes, thicknesses, colours and textures, perfect if you have a specific design vision. 

You can discover mineral stone samples at our East Bendigo showroom – get a feel for different styles and experience a broad range of Mineral Surface options before making your selection.  

About Mineral SURFACES

Mineral Surface countertops are produced from a combination of materials fused with resins. Advances in manufacturing and design mean Mineral Surface has a similar appearance to natural stone but can be ‘man-made’ in a wide range of consistent colours and patterns. 

Benefits include:

  • Resistant to heat
  • Hard-wearing surface, generally resistant to scratches/cuts
  • Durable surface that stands up well to stains 
  • Lots of options for thickness, colours and styles

Depending on your desired design, Mineral Surface can add a sleek, contemporary look or a more classic appearance, there are endless possibilities.

Mineral Surface benchtop fabrication

After your initial consultation and design selection, we’ll measure your job using the Proliner digital measurer. This state-of-the-art tool integrates directly into our machinery, reducing the risk of inaccuracies and waste.

Safety comes first at VSTONE, and we’re committed to using sustainable, best-practice fabrication techniques that meet industry standards. During fabrication, we adhere to the strictest safety standards to protect our team in a controlled environment.